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W1 Curates present Vollut 'Safe Distance'

9th May - 31st May

Vollut is a digital artist who has been exploring the potential of animation and storytelling through computer graphics for the past decade. He has developed a unique style that has captured the attention of both the public and notable brands like Apple, Microsoft, Nike, and Meta. In his work, Vollut uses the concept of universal basic particles, from which all existing things are composed, and creates colorful worlds woven from identical elements. Inspired by the pointillists' scientific approach to light, Vollut goes further and transfers the macro properties of familiar objects, such as texture, movement, color, or shape, to objects assembled from uni-particles in his animated work.

"This exhibition is an attempt to capture the world's beauty through several impressions I've received while traveling. But wherever I was, the feeling of an impending catastrophe never left me. I captured both. I was inspired by the work of neo-impressionists but did something they couldn’t think of: made the artwork move and unravel a story through animation.
That’s a very special moment for me because three things will happen here: it’s the first time I control the medium in which you will perceive my art (usually digital art is consumed through small screens), it’s the first time I introduce my visual style to a wide audience, and it’s my first solo exhibition."Vollut"

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