W1Curates presents ADEBAYO BOLAJI

“Beyond The Flow”.

Beyond The Flow, is a digital display of Bolaji’s work.

With choice pieces expressing the figurative along with Bolaji’s text-collage work continuing his conversation of flow within the life of the individual.

In his own words:

“Everyone, wants to work... we all want to function properly and have meaning.

Why? Because when we work, life makes sense, and we flourish , we make things better.

When we know why we do what we do and where we are going, there is flow and then beyond that, the expression this flow brings can give strength and light to others to find their own flow, their own freedom.

I’ve chosen works from my catalogue that speak to this, that provoke or encourage this dialogue”.

Adébayo Bolaji is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice considers the role of the individual within a connected society, whether that be through the lens of anthropology, religion, history, or popular culture. Rich with references, his use of a vibrant, metaphorical visual language is a crucial element of his work and invites the viewer to uncover intricate narratives.