Lund explores how systems of value play out in the context of art-making and art valuation in MVP (Most Valuable Painting).

This online participatory project consists of 512 individual digital paintings that will change and evolve, optimising themselves to become more desirable based on audience engagement data and sales.

Each MVP’s aesthetic outcome is determined by a fitness algorithm that tracks a range of factors, including each individual MVP’s performance in terms of likability and attention-grabbing potential, and considerations such as likes, clicks, and user engagement.

The project culminates with the Most Valuable Painting, which is ultimately influenced by the sales of the previous 511 MVPs; the last painting sold holds all the aesthetic value determined by viewer and collector preference.

Lund’s project alludes to the consequence of quantifying value and how the art world and our new digital ecosystem create a unified sense of value when, in actuality, the value of an artwork is a complex interrelation of ever-changing factors alongside the subjective aesthetic tastes of the viewer.

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