Art For Your World is a call to artists, collectors and galleries to take a stand and support WWF in raising the funds and awareness needed to combat the climate crisis, ahead of the COP26 summit in November.

Join the fight against climate change.

The funds raised by Art For Your World will be used to support key areas of WWF’s work that contribute to combatting dangerous climate change, such as: halting deforestation and protecting livelihoods; restoring forests through trillion trees; replanting UK seagrass meadows; and protecting habitats and endangered species.

This installation features eight donated artworks by  Tracey Emin, Jadé Fadojutimi, Anish Kapoor, Vera Lutter, Jessica Rankin, Bob and Roberta Smith, Gavin Turk and Rose Wylie which will be available for sale at the @Sothebys Online Contemporary Art Day Auction from 8-15th October and the three specially commissioned limited edition prints which will be available to buy via @riseart from end of October.

#artforyourworld is a campaign to engage the art world to take action against the climate crisis and support five key @wwf_uk projects fighting climate change head on.