Presents Helen Downie.

To celebrate international women's month we've teamed up with Helen Downie AKA Unskilled Worker.

Helen Downie is a London based critically-acclaimed artist working under the moniker of Unskilled Worker.  She has a distinctive style of painting which has attracted international following and audience worldwide.  Highly atmospheric and infused with a dreamy childlike innocence, Downie’s paintings depict scenes of intricate beauty, with references threading in Tudor and the Renaissance periods that merge with cultural references of today. She has been equally embraced by fashion and art press including Vanity Fair, Artnet, The New York Times, Vogue and Dazed.

She is driven towards constantly testing new frontiers with her art. Her work has been described as "a melee of ethereality, innocence, inherent flow and instinct that all come together in a spectacular fashion." She aims to evolve and connect these threads with the new digital art renaissance which has emerged out of 2020.