Kingsley Obasi, a native of Abia state, Nigeria born in 1983.

Trained in the School of Art and Design, Yaba College of Technology. He is a painter whose work captures the human activities and the inconsistent nature of man. His grotesque form is starkly reminiscent of the expressions of man’s true inner life.

For in the subtler material realms, every expression of the inner man immediately is embodied and expressed in a form that is identical with its essential meaning. Hence, not even the dapper looks of the men in the paintings, nor the gorgeous raiment of some of the women, seem enough to conceal who they truly are.

His visual language and style of depiction speaks volume as he captures power, feeling, beauty, emotion, and disquieting thoughts while focusing on social phenomena that significantly affects our behaviours, opinions, and reality.

With Kingsley, all the hidden and intrinsic qualities of a man discern from their facial composure particularly when you look into their eyes. Through their vocation lies moral, social and cultural context.