Ming Ying (b.1995) is known for her vivid and abstract paintings of groups and individuals within domestic and public settings. As a London-based artist who was born in China, Ming reflects on the feelings of alienation experienced by different races, cultures, and distinct social classes who find themselves distanced from new surroundings.

Ming’s dream-like paintings blur the line between figuration and abstraction, creating a world that is parallel to, yet far from, reality. With her distorted brushstrokes and heavy impasto oil paint, Ming creates romantic and psychedelic scenes that imply a vision of desire. The anonymity of her subjects' indistinct faces contrast with their theatrical dress and lively environments to represent the complex tension between feelings of enjoyment and detachment throughout society.

With an MA from the Royal College of Art in 2020, Ming has exhibited internationally from Beijing to New York. Her first solo exhibition was held at JD Malat Gallery, London in 2022.