Ravensbourne University London is an innovative, industry-focused university located in the heart of London. Champions of creativity and collaboration, and dedicated to giving their learners the specialist skills and opportunities they need for outstanding careers in digital media and design.

This show represents the work of the final year students graduating from the BA (Hons) Motion Graphics course.
In collaboration with Our team, the students have used the current situation to their advantage, and put together this incredible show of their work.


Aoife Magennis  @aoife.magennis
Mohammed Ubaidah
Oulayma Conteh  @ikuollie
Emily Carmichael  @emilypcarmichael
Muktar Ali  @TheMuktarAli
Aaron Diamond @Aaron_diamond_
Hannah Taylor  @hannahtaylor.design
Henry Yeomans @henry.yeomans
Joel Matovu  @joelmatovu
Kiera Campbell  @disco.pixel
Veronica Lin  @ve.roni.calin
Minjin -Baek  @minjinbaek
Jeong Park  @welxi_motion
Aanisah Suhail  @aan.sahmotion
Declan Brody-Reid  @brody.reid
Yovana Hilaquita Maquera  @y.maquera.motion
Dani Birch  @danibirch_motion
Lance Bautista @lancifatheknight
Anna- Aleksandra Khaneeva  @annakhan08
Emily Fisher-Mantej  @iimilis.v
Ese Omamogho  @virtual_ese