W1 Curates are pleased to announce the London launch of GOLD, a new digital artwork, by the internationally renowned artist Thierry Noir. The new site specific installation has been created especially for W1 Curates and is on view around the clock until 01 August.

The GOLD digital artwork presents viewers with a dazzling, intensely colourful and constantly moving display of sports rendered in the Noir’s iconic style developed in painting the Berlin Wall. GOLD encourages interaction with the viewer and emphasises the uniting and equalising power of sport regardless of nationality, political opinion, language, nationality or other status.  

Artistic Statement:

‘GOLD Worldwide celebrates sport. Like art, sport has the power to inspire, to unite and to create hope. Sport breaks down barriers and dissolves political and cultural divisions. At a very difficult time in our collective history sport has the power to bring the world back together.’

In addition to W1’s Oxford Street platform, other public spaces with GOLD on display include Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Times Square in New York, Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles and Gagnam in Seoul.