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How To Give It: 10 autumn arts initiatives – all in aid of a cause

Made You Look is a series of portraits curated by George alongside chef and culinary director Mike Reid.
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Meleko Mokgosi’s Democratic Intuition Debuts in Europe

An algorithm sequence of images in a ten-minute loop, the installation features image fragments and texts in English and Setswana from Mokgosi’s narrative paintings, digitally adapted to cover the three-story LED façade of the Fannels flagship store at 161–167 Oxford Street in Soho.

David Bailey: ‘The Sixties were good for about 2,000 people living in London. It was elitist’

As a new exhibition of his oil paintings opens in London, the photographer speaks to Chris Harvey about the Sixties, the Gallaghers, the Krays, and why he was scared to meet his hero, Picasso

Meet the artist: David Bailey

David Bailey needs little introduction. The prolific portrait and fashion photographer has been snapping the world’s most famous faces for over half a century, from his early days at Vogue to once-in-a-lifetime commissions from the Queen, Salvador Dali and The Beatles, but he’s less well known for his side-line in painting. Until now that is.
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David Bailey Unseen exhibition unites art and fashion in a surprising way

“I mostly do black and white with my photography, so it makes a change to play with colour,” he says. Of his style, he says he “follows the drip”, referencing an abstract painting style popularised by Jackson Pollock.
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David Bailey creates his own street art with new exhibition of paintings

He was the face of swinging London and created some of the most iconic images of the sixties. Now 82, David Bailey's work is returning to London on a massive scale.

In Video: Photographer David Bailey unveils oil paintings

The colourful artworks are in contrast to Bailey’s usual black and white photos.
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Pencil artist Kelvin Okafor unveils hyper-real drawings on Oxford Street

Each pencil drawing takes anything from 200 to 300 hours to complete. His work has been on display on a digital screen on the shopfront of Flannels.

From Tottenham to Oxford Street. Kelvin Okafor’s Contribution to the BLM Movement.

Kelvin Okafor has collaborated with W1 Curates to showcase a selection of influential and inspiring black individuals being displayed 24 hours a day from July 27th until August 9th, at the Flannels store on Oxford Street.
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Black Lives Matter exhibition by South Woodford artist on display in Oxford Street

Hyper realist South Woodford artist Kelvin Okafor has launched a new exhibition in central London’s Oxford Street in support of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.
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Hyper realist artist puts black trailblazers in the spotlight on shop front

Kelvin Okafor: "To have my work displayed on such a large scale in central London with W1 Curates, means so much to me"
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Hyper realist artist puts black trailblazers in the spotlight on shop front

Kelvin Okafor: To have my work displayed on such a large scale in central London with W1 Curates, means so much to me
The Voice

David LaChapelle's biggest picture?

The acclaimed photographer's latest exhibition, in London, takes street art to a new level.
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David LaChapelle's London shopfront exhibition opens

He shaped photography in the 1990s with his technicolour photographs of the stars, only to turn his back on them and become a farmer.

Sir Michael Craig-Martin creates new work for Oxford Street

For many years the artist has had an interest in creating public artworks for digital screens on the architectural scale now familiar in advertising, but the opportunities for artists to do so are rare. W1 Curates, a permanent digital art platform that launched in September 2019, seeks to address this situation by offering artists the creative use of their extraordinary 3 storey digital facility on the Flannels Flagship building on Oxford Street.

Michael Craig-Martin’s public artwork on Oxford Street

Leading British artist, Sir Michael Craig-Martin, has created a new work for the Flannels flagship site on Oxford Street. Presented by W1 Curates, the installation, Cornucopia Galactica, will run 24 hours a day until July 12.
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Michael Craig-Martin Unveils New Oxford Street Installation

Sir Michael Craig-Martin has created a new work for an iconic site in London’s Oxford Street.

Michael Craig-Martin covers Oxford Street shop front in colourful fruit and veg

The shops may be oh-so cautiously opening on London’s Oxford Street but there is a refreshing lack of restraint in an exuberant new work by Michael Craig-Martin.
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How poster art could keep cities safer by spreading important public health messages

In times of crisis, poster art has been used to spread awareness and important government messages -- think of Rosie the Riveter or the iconic Uncle Sam 'I Want You' posters. Take a look at how artists are stepping in once again to spread health advisories and inspire us during this pandemic.
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Telegraph Pictures of the Day: 13th May 2020

W1 Curates & Amplifier project Artwork from around the world on Covid-19 projected in Oxford Street, London
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