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Thursday’s best photos

The digital artist Frederic Duquette, known professionally as Fvckrender, attends the launch of his video exhibition Catch the Light.

Digital artist’s London show is love letter to beating anxiety ‘thanks to art’

A digital artist has described his debut solo show in London as a “diary” of the past eight years as he found solace in art after battling up...

Digital artist lights up Oxford Street with debut solo show

One of the world’s biggest digital artists is lighting up Oxford Street with a three-storey public exhibition.
Frederic Duquette..

Digital artist’s London show is love letter to beating anxiety ‘thanks to art’

The creative said he did not want to continue living with constant panic attacks as a teenager but vowed to help others...

With tens of thousands of entires and over £100,000 raised and donated in our global open call we'd like to thank everyone involved.

A huge thank you to our partners @ampliferart for giving us the privilege to work alongside such a great team and join their project.

A huge thank you to @obeygiant Shepard Fairey for all your support.
Thank you to the panel of judges who have curated this amazing collaboration of artists.

A huge thank you to @yorkultura
for donating their track featuring Jan Hammer - Crockett's Theme (Yør Kultura Tribal Cosmic Edit).

And of course a massive thank you to all the artists that have entered and been part of this epic global open call.
Without you this would have never happened. BIG LOVE.

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