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Vollut’s “Safe Distance” Exhibition is a magic Journey into Immersive Digital Art

London’s art scene is set ablaze with the debut solo exhibition of digital artist Vollut at W1Curates. Titled “Safe Distance,” this groundbreaking exhibition not only marks Vollut’s solo debut but also redefines the boundaries of immersive digital art experiences.

LSOS: DJs Seth Troxler and Phil Moffa have given Oxford street a comic inspired AR twist.

The Oxford Street gallery W1 Curates has teamed up with Lost Souls of Saturn – a multidisciplinary live project and collaboration between Seth Troxler and Phil Moffa, two in-demand DJs and producers, well-known on the electronic music circuit

Thursday’s best photos

The digital artist Frederic Duquette, known professionally as Fvckrender, attends the launch of his video exhibition Catch the Light.

Digital artist’s London show is love letter to beating anxiety ‘thanks to art’

A digital artist has described his debut solo show in London as a “diary” of the past eight years as he found solace in art after battling up...

'The exhibition Alienated unfolds as a journey through an expansive, unknown universe, mirroring the experience of an astronaut searching for their home planet. Each artwork is a chapter in this odyssey, capturing feelings of disorientation, longing, and the deep human need to belong. These pieces are more than visual narratives; they are explorations into vast, uncharted spaces – both external and internal. The collection transcends physical distances, venturing through the emotional landscapes of identity and belonging in a universe that often feels immense and mysterious. It's a story of discovery, where every step is part of the quest to find a personal sanctuary amidst life's cosmic expanse.

Originally from Turkey, Cem's artistic journey in London began as an award-winning art director, where I crafted compelling narratives for top brands. This experience laid the groundwork for his transition to digital art and animation, allowing him to infuse personal experiences into the creative work. His Art, merging insight with innovation, has captivated audiences from New York to Lisbon, renowned for its authenticity and depth.
Continually evolving, Cem explores new artistic styles and techniques, striving to push the boundaries of digital art. Cem's path is more than just creating; it's about connecting and inspiring through creativity's universal language, driven by a relentless pursuit of learning, experimentation, and the desire to move people with the transformative power of art.'

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