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The digital artist Frederic Duquette, known professionally as Fvckrender, attends the launch of his video exhibition Catch the Light.

Digital artist’s London show is love letter to beating anxiety ‘thanks to art’

A digital artist has described his debut solo show in London as a “diary” of the past eight years as he found solace in art after battling up...

Digital artist lights up Oxford Street with debut solo show

One of the world’s biggest digital artists is lighting up Oxford Street with a three-storey public exhibition.
Frederic Duquette..

Digital artist’s London show is love letter to beating anxiety ‘thanks to art’

The creative said he did not want to continue living with constant panic attacks as a teenager but vowed to help others...

W1 Curates Presents Crosstown Rebels - Celebrating 20 Years

Two decades ago, a vision was born within me. It was a dream to curate a global family of extraordinary individuals, united by their love for music and their burning desire to make people dance. That dream became a reality in the form of Crosstown Rebels, and now, we proudly stand at the milestone of our 20th anniversary.

Throughout these remarkable years, I have nurtured deep and meaningful friendships, unearthed exceptionally talented artists, and dedicated myself to supporting and guiding the vibrant personalities that define the dance music scene. Crosstown Rebels is more than just a record label; it is a tightly knit Family.

As we step into 2023, we invite the Crosstown Rebels family, a worldwide community of artists, DJs, and creatives, along with our devoted followers, to join us in commemorating this momentous occasion. Thanks to the generous support of our friends at Volcan X.A Luxury Tequila, we have planned a series of parties and events across the globe. An extraordinary compilation of exclusive tracks and special remixes is currently in the works. Additionally, we are crafting a captivating coffee table book and a mesmerizing short film. Finally, we will host a grand launch event at our gallery on Oxford Street, where we will merge the captivating visuals and enchanting sounds that have shaped the unique and influential history of our label. In the weeks to come, there will be countless exciting announcements, shared memories, and heartfelt reflections.

“20 years ago, I dreamed a dream of creating a family of like-minded, crazy individuals from all corners of the planet. That dream was Crosstown Rebels. Over these years, I have forged beautiful friendships, discovered very talented artists and tried my best to help, advise and support some of the most colourful characters in dance music.”

- Damian Lazarus.

On 19-21 May everyone joined us as we raise a toast to 20 years of Crosstown Rebels: a testament to madness, magic, and the power of music.

Damian x

Crosstown Rebels
2003 - 2023
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